Summer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
How many people evaluate auditions and who are they?

A panel of three to six adjudicators evaluate every audition. The panel consists of members of Paper Mill’s Artistic Staff, Education Staff, and Summer Faculty.

How do they evaluate an audition?

There are three areas of scoring – Vocal Technique (singing) and Acting Technique (story-telling and personality) and Dance. Each evaluator will score these areas between a 1 and 5 with 1 being the lowest score (in need of improvement) and 5 the highest. We then tally all these scores and average them. The auditioners with the highest average scores in both areas are admitted into the program.

If accepted, in which program and company will I be placed?

Students will be placed into the program and company we feel most suits them. We spend weeks deciding who will be accepted and for which program they would benefit most. Although age is used as a guideline, the talent, experience, ability, and maturity demonstrated by the student at the auditions also plays a part in determining placement.

What if I feel I’ve been placed into the wrong company?

We ask that you trust our judgment and know that every company of our programs is taught by fully qualified teachers and is challenging.

Is there tuition assistance available?

Tuition Assistance and Merit Scholarships are available for all Summer Training Programs. For specific information on how to apply for these funds and to see if you meet the requirements for aid, check the Tuition Assistance tab on each program’s page.

What is your policy on participating in simultaneous programs or productions during the July Conservatory?

Exclusivity Policy: The Paper Mill Playhouse July Summer Conservatory is a very demanding course of classes and rehearsals that requires exclusive commitment from all participating students. Over the years we have found that when our students simultaneously rehearse for other productions, sports teams or programs, their energy wanes, their vocal quality is compromised and they are at risk of physical injury which prevents them from being able to fully participate in Conservatory classes and rehearsals at an acceptable level. It is for these reasons that any student accepting a spot in the Conservatory, must agree to NOT participate in any other on-going productions or programs during the five week session. Paper Mill requires this commitment to ensure the Paper Mill brand of artistic excellence will be met in the main stage New Voices concerts, and to protect students’ health and focus while enrolled in the Conservatory. Students accepted in the Conservatory must make this program their primary and exclusive priority until the program concludes.

Is it possible to find out how you did at your audition?

Absolutely! After determination letters have been emailed, you may request your adjudication form by emailing Feedback and audition scores are available in March.