College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria

Paper Mill Playhouse is honored to support the College Musical Theater Common Prescreen Criteria. The guidelines were drafted in collaboration with online arts platform, Acceptd, and the input of faculty from over 40 collegiate Musical Theater training programs nationwide. As a Tony-winning professional theater organization, employer of performing artists, and successful producing partner for the Broadway industry, Paper Mill’s commitment to training the next generation of musical theater performers in a more inclusive and accessible manner is essential to our mission.

Our institution remains the home of a nationally recognized center for musical theater education and artist training with outreach programs that impact thousands of students each year. Our goal in supporting the MTCP criteria is to foster a more streamlined and equitable process for all students to audition and receive collegiate training. Our aim is also to promote greater diversity amongst applicants so as to more comprehensively impact the professional musical theater workforce.

2022-2023 Criteria & Participating Institutions

Musical Theater Common Prescreen | Acceptd (



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Photo above: Khailah Johnson, New Voices 2017, Paper Mill Rising Star Award winner,
Carnegie Mellon University, Musical Theater BFA, Class of 2021