Class FAQs

How are classes filled?

We fill classes by a first come first served basis.

When will we find out which class we have been accepted into?

We will mail out letters as soon as we process your request.

If I want a class and a voice lesson, can the times be coordinated?

We will work with you and try to schedule both classes as close as possible.

Do you give make up classes?

Students taking voice lessons are given one (1) make up class at the end of the school year.

What is your snow cancellation policy?

We will cancel classes due to snow or other inclement weather using our own discretion.

Can my 8 year old take a 9 year old offering if he/she will be 9 soon?

Only if there is room and all 9 year olds have been accommodated first, likewise for all of our other offerings.

Can I switch classes?

We will try to accommodate you within the first two (2) weeks with classes.

What is your child to teacher ratio?

Typically, there are 10-14 students to 1 teacher.

What is the “All-Stars” and how can I sign up for it?

“All-Stars” and “Children’s Theatre on Tour” are the two outreach components of our Theatre School. These classes tour productions to various local children’s hospitals, nursing homes and schools.

My child has taken similar courses to Creative Drama 1 and has a lot of experience; can he/she still try out for All-Stars?

No, we ask that you complete the required courses with us before you audition for these classes.

Where are your classes held?

All of our classes are held here at the Paper Mill Playhouse in various locations throughout the building.

How long are class sessions?

Typically, classes are an hour or an hour and a half long once a week.

What is a “sharing?”

Because most classes are not tied to a production, we offer what is called a “sharing” on the last day of class. These are informal classes where family and friends are invited in to watch a typical class or watch a presentation.

Still have questions?

For more information call 973.379.3636 x1669.