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Leaders who care about community and economic vitality can feel good about investing in Paper Mill Playhouse by becoming a Business Partner.

Paper Mill Playhouse Business Partners provide essential support for this great theater – a cultural hub, economic engine, and trusted neighbor in New Jersey. The amenities they receive are very attractive!

Business Partners know that Paper Mill Playhouse makes the difference in the towns where their clients and colleagues live and work. They value the arts and their impact on communities’ vitality. New Jersey families have called Paper Mill “home” for nearly 75 years!

Business Partner membership begins at $5,000 for a season of opportunity:

  • Marketing reach to influential and affluent tastemakers – more than 170,000 patrons each season
  • Client entertainment that is unique, welcoming and unforgettable
  • Networking with corporate leaders and philanthropists
  • Enhanced visibility as a community leaders
  • Employee Ticket Discount Program
  • Opportunities for sponsorships begin at $10,000

For more information about becoming a Business Partner, please call 973-315-1662.


Paper Mill Playhouse is a cultural destination like no other. Our corporate sponsors reap the benefits!

Sponsorships are one-of-a-kind. Paper Mill helps each business connect with customers in creative new ways, network with top business leaders, and provide exceptional client entertainment. And, of course, associate with a premier and beloved theater.

Our sponsors build brands and connect with Paper Mill’s coveted, elite audience – more than 170,000 people drawn from all 21 New Jersey counties and the metropolitan area, with one of the largest, most loyal subscriber bases in the country.

Choose from Paper Mill Playhouse’s professional performances, arts education, special events, or e-communications – then partner with our Corporate team to craft a sponsorship package for your goals. It is a relationship to grow into the future.

What’s in a sponsorship package?

  • Prominent brand recognition across media
  • Memorable on-site hospitality
  • Employee ticket discounts
  • VIP invitations to exclusive donor events
  • Cross-promotional opportunities
  • And, more

For more information call our Corporate Partnerships team at 973-315-1662